• Who is an User?

    Anyone who wants to learn a skill is called an User. A User can register with us and book a slot with skill provider nearby his location and start learning.

  • What all skills will be listed ?

    Any skill that can be taught by any local Institute(Gym, Music school etc) will be listed in our website. Example Skills : Cooking, Music, Photography, Swimming, Dance, Yoga etc.

  • Are the Institutions validated ?

    Only the validated Institutions will be listed in our website. Every Institution will be validated thoroughly taking into consideration necessary infrastructure to teach the skills etc.,

  • Are the Skills validated ?

    For every skill provided by an Institute we will validate if the Institution is capable of teaching the skill and only the validated skills will be shown to users for booking.

  • How do we learn a skill ?

    Every time you want to learn a particular skill you need to book a slot for that skill. You need not pay or book for the whole skill(complete course) at a time. Depending on the skill you want to learn and your capability to learn that particular skill number of slots you need to attend varies.

  • What is a slot ?

    For every skill, Institutions will be providing a fixed duration of available times where a user can learn that particular skill. All the fixed duration of available times for a particular skill are called slots for that skill.

  • How are the users charged ?

    Users are charged per slot. The cost of a slot for a particular skill, will be decided by the Institution which is teaching that skill. Cost of slot varies from skill to skill and across Institutions.

  • When can we book a slot for a particular skill ?

    All the slots(for all skills) for the next four days will be available for booking. So, you can book any slot within next four days.

  • Why should I use this service ?
    1. You can learn a skill at your flexible timings.
    2. Currently many services ask you to pay for few months whether you attend or not you will be end up paying for the whole duration. With Skill Time, you need not pay for the whole course and there is no notion of long time commitment.
    3. You can attend any slot at any available time by just paying for that particular slot.
    4. No pre-planning is required from your end. If you feel bored at any time just visit our website and you can find your favorite skill courses nearby you.
    5. You can attend introductory sessions of any skill through our website.
    6. You can spend your free time and weekends in a more meaningful way by learning some good skills for a better life.
  • Who is an Institute?

    Institute is a Skill Provider. Anyone who can teach a skill is called a Skill Provider. An Institute can register with us and start acquiring new customers right away with ease. We will handle the payment process and make your work smoother.

  • What is the process of registering as Institute?

    There is a simple registration form available in our website. Just fill your details and start adding courses(skills) which you can teach. We will validate the details and open bookings for your courses.

  • How to design a Course?

    There are few important points which are to be considered while designing a course-

    1. Course should be dividable into slots(each part of the course should be independent and should be taught in single slot)
    2. Each slot should be designed in such a way that user has some take away atleast
    3. Course should not restrict user, when to attend a slot
    4. Result or outcome of attending a course should be measured in terms of a slot rather complete course

  • How should I list a course?

    There are two types of courses.

    1. First type - A course which can be subdivided into multiple sessions. In each session, customer is taught a specific part of the course. Booking will be enabled for each session. This type of course can be termed as complex course.
    2. Second type - A course which cannot be subdivided into sessions. Customer can book a slot for the course. This type of course can be termed as simple course.

  • How should I update a Course/Session details?

    In your home page, you can see the courses you have listed. By clicking on a course, you will be navigated to the course page. In course page, you can find "Edit" and "Delete" buttons.

  • What is the pricing structure for a course?

    If the course is of "first type", you have to give duration and cost for each session. Customer will be able to book a slot for a session.
    If the course is of "second type", you have to give duration and cost for the course. Customer will be able to book a slot for the course.

  • What are slots?

    Slots are fixed time intervals in which a customer can book and attend the Course/Session.

  • How should I provide slots?

    We have made your task simpler, you just have to give your Free time (Operating time/Working time). We will divide and generate slots based on the time duration given for each course. You can add/ delete/ update your free time whenever you like.

  • Can I teach multiple people at a time?

    Yes. We are not limiting a slot to single person. You can take group courses. We assume you have a team who can teach the course.

  • How are the slots generated?

    Based on the free time given by you for a particular day, slots are generated and made available for all courses and sessions. We try to maximize the usage of your free time. Currently, we assume you have a team who can teach the course.

  • What if two Customers book different courses in same time slot?

    You can specify not to allow overlapping if you cannot handle such situations. Currently, we assume you have a team who can teach the courses.

  • How will I know if a customer has booked on of my Course/Session?

    We will intimate you by both email and SMS when a customer books a slot successfully. You can always check the list of bookings done for your Course/Sessions in "Bookings" page. You can navigate to "Bookings" page using the menu present at the top.

  • Why should I use Skill Time? / What are the advantages?

    Usually Customers hesitate to make long term commitments. We fill this gap by enabling them to book slots for your courses whenever they wish for. Now they don't have to pre-plan before registering for your course. Some points to note-

    1. Effective - By giving your Free times(working time), we divide it into slots for bookings and help you manage your time effectively.
    2. Internet Presence - Your services will be known to whole world. Anyone can book a slot with you from anywhere.
    3. Maximizing Bookings - We promote your course through various advertising media thereby maximize your bookings.
    4. Hassle Free - All you have to do is list your courses, update your free time and sit back. We will do everything that is needed. You don't even have to worry about maintaining financial records.
    5. Freedom - You can work whenever you want. All you have to do is just update the timings with us.
    6. Support - If something goes wrong, we will be just a click away. Our strong support team will help you resolve any issue.